Coloring Links

Alphabet Soup’s Alphabet Coloring Book – A page for each letter of the alphabet.

Arctic Adventure – Caribou, grizzly, semipalmated plover, wolf, muskoxen, polar bear, northern shoveler.

Bear Country Coloring Book (Berenstain Bears) – Hopscotch, miniature golf, summer garden, baseball, microscope, mayor, apple tree, bees.

Between the Lions Coloring Pages – Arty Smartypants, Bobby the Hopping Robot, (Don’t call me) Buster, Chicken Jane, Cleo & Theo, Click, Double Click, Cliff Hanger, Heath, Leona, Lionel, Lucky Duck, Sam Spud

Big Idea Fun – Veggietales, 3-2-1 Penguins, Larryboy.

Billy and Maria – Coloring Books for Children – Weather, thunderstorms, tornado and winter weather.

Blue’s Clues Coloring Pages – Just click on the picture you wish to print. You will be sent to the full screen version. There is no on screen back button (you will have to use your browser’s back button to come back). Just print it. It will be full size (8 1/2 X 11, sorry no E4) when you print it. Enjoy. Many of the pictures here were sent in to me from BC fans. If you wish to send me a coloring picture to add please e-mail me.

Boopadoo – Links to a nice collection of coloring images related to music…especially music and children.

Bumblyburg Park Coloring Fun ( – You’d never know it by his tough exterior, but one of Larry-Boy’s favorite things to do to unwind is coloring! Now you can print out and color these exclusive coloring pages from Larry-Boy’s greatest adventures, too!

Castles for Kids – Castle keep, serf’s house and other castles images.

The Chevron Cars – Click on your favorite car below! You can use the PRINT button on your web browser to print the picture. Then, color it in with your own pens or colored pencils!

The Chuckleberries – Two free images of the kids music artists.

Color Me Egypt – Lion’s head, vulture, Great Pyramid, Great Sphinx, pharaoh, Osiris and more.

Color-Me Posters – Gary the Goat, Bruce the Bull, Mike the Mule, Randy the Rooster, Roberta the Rabbit, Sofie the Sheep, Polly the Pig

Color Texas: Color Your World! – Javelinas, ocelet, tortoise, roadrunner, sea creatures. pelicans, alligator, shark, caracara, turkey, tarantula, guadalupe bass, bald eagle, mountain lion, prairie dog, fox, wood duck. owl, northern cardinal and painted bunting, bluegill, catfish, bobcat, horned lizard, snake and more. Wilson’s warbler, ruby-throated hummingbird, great blue heron, mallard ducks, Pleurocoelus, Mexican Free-tailed Bat, Bluebonnet, Nine-banded Armadillo, Horned Lizard, Sideoats Gramma, Lightning Whelk, Mockingbird, Monarch Butterfly, Texas Chili, Petrified Palmwood, Pecan, Prickly Pear, Longhorn.

Color Your Own – Birds, cats, Christmas, dancers, dinosaurs, dogs, fantasy, farm animals, flowers, halloween, horses, other pets, ponies, wildlife

Coloriage – Online coloring. “Playing with colors is essential for stimulating the intelligence of kids.” – Online coloring: Football, field goal, running back, spectator, cheerleaders, Seattle Seahawks, Halloween, batty tricks bride and Frankenstein, pumpkin, cat, skeleton dance, sneaky ghost, witch and buzzard. Thanksgiving, turkey, Christmas, angel, busy elves, gifts, nutcracker, gift, rudolph, stocking, toymaker, tree, mistletoe, candy cane, caroler, snowman, United States of America, bald eagle, New York Policeman on horseback, firefighter waving flag, Valentine’s Day, birdie, bunny, busy bee, cupid, elephant, snakes, bear and bunny. St. Patrick’s Day, end of the rainbow, four faces, leap over gold, pals pot of gold, proud leprechaun, Easter, bunny chicks, costumed boy, rabbit, farmer, turtle, well-dressed egg, Mother’s Day, abstract bouquet, drummer boy, family together, monkeys hugging, animals, angry dragon, beauty and the pig, bull, butterfly, cat and fish, cat and mouse, centipede, chinchilla, cow, deer, rainbow, dogs, dog catching, dog with dish, dolphin, orca, dragon, duck, ferret, frog jumping, horse, ladybug, monkey, rabbit, rooster, penguin, tiger, unicorn, whale, baseball pitcher, best friends, birdhouse, bulldozer, castle, princess, cowboy, dump truck, hanglider, ice cream, locomotive, piggy bank, planets, race car, sailboat, sandbox, ship, summer day, teddy bear, train, birthday cake, clown, donkey, magician, birthday presents and more.

Coloring 123 – Letters, numbers, vehicles, animals, TV, themes

Coloring4All – Free online coloring pages, printables, kids puzzles, drawing game and connect the dots (dot to dot). Color dozens of pictures online, including all kids favorite cartoon stars, animals, flowers, and more.

Coloring & Activities ( – A few activity pages. The key word search can help you find more activities in the topics you are interested in. Many more pages available to registered users.

Coloring for Kids – Holidays, celebrations, alphabet, technology, educational, animals, family, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day, Mother’s day, New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Party, Wedding, Back to School, Flags, Geography, History, Literature, Music, Peoples of the World, Places Around the World, Bears, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fantasy, Insects, Mice, Misc Animals, Monkeys, Monsters, Reptiles, Babies, Everyday Activities, Religious, Vacations, Buildings, Patriotic, People

Coloring Online, Painting Games

Coloring Page Links ( – Here are my selected links to print and color pictures. Come here and you will always have lots of coloring pages. Most of these sites have other activities for kids. You can use these letters to help you navigate this page or rocket to a random coloring site.

Coloring Pages – Acorn, animals, apple, toys, balloon, baseball cap, basket, boat, butterflies, carousel, carrot, cherry, clover, crayon, daisy, dinosaur, duck, egg, elephant, honeybee, jester, octopus, pelican, rabbit, teapot, water and more.

Coloring Pages – Free different types of coloring pages are easily available at such as printable coloring pages, coloring books and online coloring activities for young kids in different categories.

Coloring Pages ( – Animals, flowers, fruit, nature, people, sports, vegetables and more.

Coloring Pages ( – Summer, patriotic, friendship, Hedgie, make your own, spring, Jan Brett books and holidays.

Coloring Pages (Kids Korner) – Stork, bunny, squirrel, snow, snowboard, antique car, kite, turtle, easter bunny, egg hunt, easter basket, chicks, cross, lillies, mother, mom, flowers, cinco de mayo, gardening, hoeing, school, Father’s Day, baseball, wedding, biplane, sailboat, horse, grazing, tent, campout, skateboard, seesaw, pig, refrigerator, school bus, giraffe, frog, toad, lilypad, Powerpuff Girls, ghost, worms, pumpkin, pumpkin patch, turkey, pilgrims, sledding, train set.

Coloring Pages (Lil’ – Numbers, alphabet, clock, blocks, flag, shapes, bears, holidays and more.

Coloring Pages ( – Alphabet, animals, children/people, circus, holidays, food/treats, fun, religious, sea, ocean life, sports.

Coloring Pages ( – Famous Nebraskans and state symbols.

Coloring Pages (St. David’s Day) – Daffodil, Y Ddraig Goch/Welsh Flag, St. David.

Coloring Pages 24 – Action heroes, animals, buildings & landscapes, cartoons, celebrities, fantasy & horror, food & drinks, historical, nature, occupations, people & activities, religious, school & learning, seasons & occasions, sports, transportation.

Colour-In Pictures – Images from Austrailian kids music group The Wiggles.

Colouring Book – Wildside, Dudley the Dragon, Kids Canada, Elephant Show, Bananas in Pyjamas, Tots TV, Magic School Bus and more.

Colouring Pages ( – Back to school, London, farmyard, transport, birthday, animals, baby & nursery, nature, holidays, occasions and seasons.

Cool Coloring Pages – Free educational coloring pages for kids. High quality coloring pages professionally formatted in Adobe pdf file format. Perfect for home childcare providers, and parents teaching children basic concepts at home. Coloring pages: animals (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fishes, insects, dinosaurs), plants (fruits, vegetables, flowers), mushrooms, vehicles (cars, aeroplanes), educational (coloring alphabet, coloring digits).

Country Flags – Many country flags from around the world.

Creative Coloring Books Free Pages – Tree house, magic carpet, underwater, wrapped gift.

DLTK’s Free Printable Coloring Pages – Cartoon characters, animals, holidays, events and seasons.

Down on the Farm Coloring Book – Characters based on apple, honeybee, blueberry, hamburger, rooster, corn, cotton bale, milk, egg, bread, cabbage, ostrich, peanut, pork chop, potato, soybean, strawberry, sweet potato, turkey, watermelon and more.

Draw and Color ( – Instructions on how to draw your own picture first, then color it.

Eeyore’s Coloring Book – Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and more.

Enchanted Learning – Extensive art-related images for coloring.

Endangered Species Coloring Book – Bald eagle, black bear, butterfly, longhorn beetle, woodpecker, crayfish, gecko, pitcher plant, crane, prairie chicken, sturgeon and mussel.

Endangered Species Picture Book ( – Sturgeon, mussel, crayfish, woodpecker, indigo snake, manatee, gecko, panther, pitcher plant, sandhill crane, bat, darter, toad, cactus, longhorn beetle, silversword, bald eagle, grizzly bear and more.

The Fairy Chronicles – What if you discovered you had magical fairy powers? Meet the girls of The Fairy Chronicles, otherwise normal girls like you with special gifts. Their extraordinary adventures will change the world!

Farm Service Agency Coloring – Farm and agriculture-related images.

FEMA Coloring Book – Escape planning, home fire safety and smoke alarms pages to color.

Fisher-Price Coloring Pages – Animal farm, earth mover, chickens, pony, jungle princess, boat, wildlife, waterfall, dragon and more.

Florida’s Animated Alphabet – Alligator, bats, copperhead, deer, eagle, frog, grasshopper, heron, ichneumon, jay, kingfisher, ladybug, manatee, nuthatch, owl, panther, queen angelfish, water rat, tree snail, box turtle, underwing, velvet ant, woodpecker, xyloryctes beetle, yellowthroat, zebra swallowtail.

Free Coloring Pages (All About Coloring) – Alphabet, animals, back to school, beautiful girls, cartoon characters, circus, community, construction, countries, dental, fantasy, flowers, fruits, vegetables, houses, music, rainbow, space aliens, sports, transportation, trees, birthdays, holidays, seasons, Christian, bible, Jewish, Passover, Purim. Alligator, ape, badger, bat, bear, beaver, camel, cat, caribou, cow, crab, deer, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, eel, elephant, fish, fox, frog, giraffe, goat, groundhog, hedgehog, hippopotamus, horse, iguana, insect, kangaroo, koala, lamb, lion, lynx, monkey, moose, mouse, octopus, otter, panda, pine martin, pig, possum, platypus, rabbit, raccoon, rat, reindeer, rhinoceros, seal, skunk, squirrel, tiger, turtle, walrus, whale, wolf, zebra, zoo.

Free Coloring Pages ( – Click on the coloring page you want then print.

Free Printable Coloring Pages – Teddy bears, warthog, rhino, hippo, gorilla, dinosaur.

Holiday Coloring Pages ( – Get out the crayons! Print these pages using your browser’s print button. Then let the kids go to town!

Horse Coloring Pages – Appaloosa mare, foal pony, ride saddlebred, leading pony, mare & baby, quarter horse bath time, horse in stall, dressage head and more.

I Sea Horses – Aquarium, crabs, dolphin, eel, fish, jellyfish, octopus, sand dollar, seahorse, sea shell, sea snail, sea turtle, shark, squid, star fish, whale.

Kids Free Clip Art Coloring Book Pages (LaFishMag.Com) – Fish, sea shells, dolphin & whale, seahorse & starfish, blue crab & stone crab, lobster & octopus, shark & blue marlin, conch shell, aquarium scene and turtle.

Kid Explorer Coloring Pages ( – Animals/Dinosaurs/Bible scenes Welcome to our coloring pages. Many can be colored on-line! We also provide printable versions of every page, so you can use Crayons, markers or paint. Have fun! More pictures are coming.

Kidscolorings – Bob the Builder, cars, animals, Diddl, Dora, Hotwheels, mandalas, pirates, princess, Sesame Street, Smurfs, Spiderman, fairytales, holiday, birthday, traffic, soccer, Winx and danger.

Kendra’s Coloring Book – Animals, designs & shapes, enchanted forest, holidays, objects & things, people, plants and scenery.

Kid’s Coloring Pages – alligator, butterfly, caterpillar, dolphin, elephant, frog, giraffe, hippo, iguana, jackalope, kangaroo, lamb, moose, newt, owl, pterodactyl, quail, raccoon, stegosaurus, turtle, unicorn, vulture, wolf, fox, yak, zebra

Kids Kingdom – Middle Ages themes: serfs, clergy, lords & ladies, kings & queens, coat-of-arms, jousting, castle, suit of armor and more.

Kid Stuff Canada – Lots of fun click-to-color images!

Let’s Color – Kids at the zoo, coloring shapes, monkeys and ice cream.

The LIFE Coloring Book – The LIFE Foundation assists in the rescue and care of neglected horses. Beautiful horse pics for coloring.

Little Princess’s Play-Room Coloring – Princess, Snow White, Frog Prince, Warrior Princess, Princess & Unicorn, Princess in the Tower and more.

Maine Symbols Coloring Book – Chickadee, white pine, honeybee, wild blueberry and more.

Marine Debris Coloring Book – Octopus, pirate, litter, fish, ship and more. Coloring Book – “Mom, Dad, there’s nothing to do!” If you hear this one too many times this season, just download some great coloring book pages and put the little elves to work. These five original pages were created for us by Jimmy (The Big Elf) Stephens. Jimmy would love to know that they are decorating refrigerators of the Christmas world. Remember, Santa likes lots of colors; red and green are his favorites!

Megara and Hercules – Hercules characters.

Mindware – To find free coloring pages, click on the titles of their coloring books, then click Sample Pages (these are printable).

My Coloring World – Coloring pages of popular cartoon characters.

My Free Colouring Pages – The free colouring site started as a small collection of my free kids colouring printables, and over the last few years has grown and grown and now features over eight hundred pages featuring dot to dot and on-line pages including a selection of cool online kids games like Online Coloring and Fuzzy Felt.

NASA Online Coloring – Hot or Cold, Land or Water…Differences in color tell you a lot about the data NASA is collecting about the Earth. Try your hand at coloring these ESE pictures. (You will need a Java enabled browser to color on-line.)

Neuroscience Coloring Book – Neuron, synapse, brain, spinal cord, ear, microscope, tooth, skull, neuroscientist.

New York State Facts – Bluebird, ladybug, beaver, apple, milk, rose, trout and more.

Nick Jr. Printables – Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, Oswald, Little Bill, Little Bear, Franklin, Maisy, Maggie, Max & Ruby and more.

Officer Friendly’s On-line Coloring Book – Bike helmets, child safety, friendly police and more.

Old McDonald’s Farm Coloring Book – Duck, cow, pig, cat, bunny, sheep, chicken.

Online Coloring Book (The Possum Twins) – You can print out your favorite Animal Forest Creations and have fun coloring them yourself. Here’s what to do. Click the image of the character you would like to color. When you see the larger image, click the “Print” button on your browser to print it out.

Online Coloring Pages to Print and Color – Horses, unicorns, exotic pets, carousels, birds, sea life, pegasus and more.

Pacific Coral Reef Coloring Book – Coral reef and marine life images. – Dora, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Tinkerbell, Bratz and more.

PBS Kids Coloring – Caillou, Jay Jay, Sesame St., Barney, Sagwa, Clifford, Arthur and more.

Preschool Coloring Book – Alphabet, amusement parks, animals, baby, back to school, birds, birthday, bugs, butterflies and moths, camping, circus, dental health, doctor/hospital, family, fire safety, fish & ocean life, food, frogs & toads, holidays, music symbols, numbers, seasons, shapes, sports, western and more.

Printable Coloring Pages (CDK Enterprises) – Animals, circus, dinosaurs, dragons, holidays and toys.

Printable Coloring Pages (Child Fun) – Nature, holidays, characters, religious, people, education and animals.

Printable Coloring Pages ( – Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Spiderman, paper dolls, Winnie the Pooh, The Incredible Hulk, Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, Precious Moments, Rugrats Go Wild, Yu-Gi-Oh, animals, dinosaurs, Barbie, Lilo and Stitch, Armed Forces, The Original Letter People, Little Mermaid.

Punky Doodle’s Coloring Club and Funhouse – Interactive games, puzzles, stories, clubhouse atmosphere, printable coloring pages, and more. The web site is devoted to wholesome fun and entertainment for children (ages 4-12).

Rugrats Coloring Book – Rugrats characters.

Safety Coloring Book (Louisiana State Police) – Various safety themes.

Safety on the Farm – Tractor safety, firearm safety, electrical safety, snowmobile safety and more.

Santa Letter – Christmas candles, candy cane, Christmas ornaments, Christmas star, Christmas elf, mistletoe, gingerbread man, Christmas bells, snowman, Christmas stocking, Christmas tree, snow flakes, Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, Christmas lights, Christmas present and more.

Sesame Street Coloring Pages – All your favorite Sesame Street characters are here.

Seussville – Various Dr. Seuss-related printables.

Solar System Coloring Book ( – 13-page coloring book in PDF format, with pictures and associated information on the Solar System. It covers the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Comets. Learn about the Solar System and color all its planets at the same time.

Teletubbies – Print and play.

The Color – We have over 1,000 images to color in online without having to print. This is more online coloring pages than any other online coloring site. helps kids learn color concepts, eye-hand coordination, picture comprehension – these skills form the foundation for early learning success. We are COPPA compliant. Everyone can use the site as no java, flash or applet is necessary to load the pages. Kids can email the pictures they colored or save them or print them.

Time and Clock Coloring pages – Coloring pages, activity and time-telling worksheets related to time and clocks.

Woman’s Day Magazine: Color Me Happy – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Big MacCake, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, #1 Mom Award, #1 Dad Award, placemat, Halloween, Easter, BBQ Ribs, Sun-sational

War Eagles Air Museum Coloring Book – Plane pictures to print out and color in.

We Can Work It Out! Coloring Pages (People for Peace) – People For Peace is an educational organization dedicated to promoting peace and compassion.

Weekly Reader – Flash Coloring – Online coloring.

Willie & Dyllan’s Home Page – Dinosaur coloring.

Woodsy Coloring Sheets – Caring, friendly, and wise, Woodsy Owl is a whimsical fellow and he’s got his heart set on motivating kids to form healthy, lasting relationships with nature. As Woodsy flies across our land, he encourages youngsters to marvel at and explore the natural world, even in the city. His new motto, “Lend a Hand–Care for the Land.” encourages everyone to make a positive difference in the world.

World Wide Wishbone – Pictures of Wishbone for you to color.